the wackiest swap site ever!
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What should we swap here at swapfest? I don't know... just don't know
!962 Ford pick-up, runs, needs work, some rust, for some kind of boat or motorcycle
Trade 2 carat diamond ring for pink fedora with an iron brim
Plastic skull of no particular value to trade for something better if you have it
Crappy broken drone that won't fly, will trade for a pint of cherry garcia ice cream
Glass eye from the 1930's looks really creepy. might be haunted
Need a red or blue funeral urn with gold leaf. will make any reasonable trade
Will trade the domain for a real fake girlfriend
Trade genuine Bob Ross original painting for a Monet or Renoir
Will trade a green shirt for a red one. Any size as long as it is extra large
Fake rubber vomit over 50 years old collectors item trade for hat
Pink girls wristwatch broken and useless for something of similar value
Antique comb and hairbrush set. missing teeth and is cracked but usable
"You Could LOSE Everything"


A broken corkscrew... the expensive kind but it doesn't work.
I will sing you a song over the telephone in return for making me a newspaper hat
I will have a naked girl point at a fat guy and laugh and send you the video
i will draw what you want on my face if you send me a postcard from Cleveland
Torn 1963 Chuck Hinton baseball card will trade for something pink
!967 vac-u-form works but no plastic sheets and some molds missing for???
Piece of stale wedding cake from George Clooneys wedding for a working bicycle
An old bra I found in the woods for a worn pair of ladies underwear
A piece of chewing gum spit out by Alex Baldwin with iphone video as proof
Broken baseball bat glued back together looks almost perfect
My friend Elrod farted in a bottle. Cancel trade if it doesn't stink big time
Valuable genuine diamond ring with the diamond missing and ring badly scratched
Pink fedora with an iron hatband. brim is worn and discolored
8 x 10 picture of a dead girl run over by a train in the 1940's
Broken cell phone from 1994. Does not work and is too heavy to carry around
Certificate of Authenticity. doesn't say for what but looks official
Willing to trade a broken toaster that once belonged to an A-list celebrity
Will swap a worn out pair of shoes (size 9) for any ugly painting or stale candy

Will exchange anything i have in my house for something better (does not include wife)
Have one red paper clip (slightly bent) to swap for house or car
 'doob was here'